Camera sales are falling and it's partially our fault.

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Re: Price is causing the fall not us...

Richard wrote:

We are in a down economy still. People hold on to their money. Have you looked at the prices of DSLR lenses (Japanese disaster). They have gone up, what about your 3-3.5K camera, a few more MP (D800), a little better focus (5d3). The advancements are not enough to justify an upgrade for many users like myself who will continue to wait until price and features warrant an upgrade.
The 6d is a downgrade to a rebel feature wise and only the FF sensor is an attraction.

Canon and Nikon are not innovating enough, the cameras released lately only have a slight upgrade from the predecessor and the price is still up there. So people aren't upgrading. Just like computers, My I5 is not that much slower than the new stuff that costs a lot more money, for me it is not the time to upgrade my computer. Look at Adobe, the minor upgrades they were offering were not enough for people to upgrade so they forced a rental model. Or how about a new lens? Even less of an upgrade unless you get expensive fast glass which is usually a specialized lens which you won't use much.

All of this done in a time when money is tight. So only Canon, Nikon, Sony are to blame.

Look at phones, cameras in phones have made major leaps in noise and performance, new camera apps effects, the ability to auto upload to facebook which every teen uses all the time, dual and quad core processors in phones to increase speed, huge displays like the samsung note 2, more apps than ever, even ones that remote control cameras via wireless or usb or new apps like those that automate focus stacking. Phone prices keep dropping while they add more features.

So in a world that fights for every one of my dollars am I going to get a mild upgrade to a dslr/mirrorless/pocket phone, or upgrade my computer for only slight improvements in speed (put more memory and an SSD in the old computer), start renting photoshop which is a never ending money pit with tiny upgrades OR

Get a new cutting edge phone. 100 bucks with a new 2 year contract.

I think the average person is going to be attracted to the phone. Which is probably why phones are up and making profit.

meland wrote:

most newcomers, especially younger people, have the slightest interest in becoming part of that rather sad image?

They see how well their current camera phone performs, they want an upgrade phone because they promise a better camera in the phone (and they are) and if the performance of the current camera phone is good enough and an new camera phone would be better, why would you want a DSLR/mirrorless/pocket phone. You wouldn't, even more so for a young person on a budget, or an adult on a budget.

This is true. I have many friends that like taking photographs and are quite talented i might add. However, 99% of them aren't interested in bokeh, or creating "art". They just like capturing the moment. Their camera phones are perfect for this. There's a psychological difference between the camera phone user and most DSLR users.

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"As to why we come here, I have no idea, the forums are just a shadow of their old selves, in fact the Beginners Forum should be renamed into 'What camera should I buy' forum.
Anyway it keeps a lot of people off the streets and that is a good thing."
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