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Re: FX lenses recommendations?

Hendrixx wrote:

I'll be getting my first fx soon (D600) and I'm still wondering what lenses I should get with. At first I figured I'd go for the 24-70 but after a lot of research I'm thinking I'd rather go for 2-3 lenses(for almost the same price).

I mostly shoot landscapes and I'm wanting to do more portrait. I actually shoot a little bit of everything.

I've been thinking of going down this road:

sb70016-35 f4 and the 50 f1.4g OR the 85 1.8g
and then later on add a telezoom, like the new 80-400 maybe.

Would the 16-35 be too wide for everyday use? Talking not just landscapes, but around the house, low light indoor, pets, snapshots around town...etc? Or is that something the 50mm would cover better?

The reason I thought of getting the 50 or 85 was for a dedicated portrait lens. Maybe the 50 is a little too wide for that? (but perfect for the scenarios mentioned above? Maybe best to get all three?(barely in my budget)

What do you guys say? Is the 16-35 strictly a landscape lens? What do you think of the primes?

All help much appreciated..

i do not own any nikon lenses - but i will say this

tuday was spend at the 'uptown art fair' in Mpls - and one fellow has very nice photos taken with the d800 and the 24-120  - has me considering this lens

i tried the new 70-200 at shop monday as well as new 80-400

for me of the 3 if i could only have one for things i will be shooting - flowers - birds - turtles - etc - i would get the new 80-400 - it is not that big - and not all that heavy...

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