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Re: Fast sensors have made fast lenses obsolete

bluelemmy wrote:

>Doesn't Edward consider Chardonnay food?

Tragically, you were right all along. Both Edward and Chardonnay were in the cellar it seems, and yes, Edward has eaten Chardonnay. Thank goodness for someone with a sense of humour, Am!

The black picture was a new file in Photoshop filled with....blank black.

Sometimes discussion here seems like a bunch of inflated ego scientists bickering over whose turn it is to buy the biscuits.

Have fast sensors made fast lenses obsolete? If you don't bother about the maximum aperture of a lens because you just turn up the sensor gain, and shallow depth of field is not something you worry about, yes.

If you require shallow dof and/ or any avoidable noise on a image bothers you, no.

Any sensible discussion starts with a question - not a statement s this one did.

I agree absolutely. That is why I used an interrogation mark in my earlier thread. Sensor progress however opens up new scenarios.

I like to work in hyperfocal, and detest painterly effects, so nothing of it is wasted. Others might feel differently.


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