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bhah blah blah

who asked for your opinion?

Face the facts. 99% of the people in this world that take pictures with a camera have no clue as to what a fast lens is, they don't own one and don't know how and when to use one. That fact alone makes fast lenses obsolete because the vast majority of photographers in world get along just fine with out fast lenses.

Indeed. I quoted Oly's Terada interview where he mentioned how painful it was to convince camera owners to add even the inexpensive 45/1.8 to the kit lens.

An improvement in sensors instead impacts directly the whole audience from the start.

Accessorily slower lenses can be better optimised fo small size, and better resolution across the frame, as shown by Lensrentals.

Rude people are not aware of the alternatives and react violently when their prejudices are challenged. Companies however are very well aware of them, therefore there is a race for the best sensors.

It would be a nice side effect if one got cheaper lenses like the Sigmas, since lenses do get obsolete too. It is quite a false notion that they are forever like diamonds. Watch 4/3 lenses, now legacy ones.


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