The 3Ms and how they travel

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Re: The 3Ms and how they travel

smallrewards wrote:

I can't believe how much grief people are giving you here. I think it makes perfect sense that you would carry three bodies with three different lenses and choose which one to bring with you depending on your specific situation. In addition to the EOS M I also own 2 Sony NEX-7's and I often pack all three cameras and a total of 6-8 lenses into a shoulder bag and then I load a small bag with whichever body and lens I want to walk around with at that moment. And even when I carry all three bodies and 8 lenses I think it is still lighter than my Nikon D600 with 24-120 f4 and I find the mirrorless cameras give me at least the same and usually better image quality as the D600.

I think most of the grief was because he preceded this thread with the somewhat insulting pimp thread in which he clearly criticized other people's decision to use the m for a larger camera than he felt was necessary, defended his position on the sl1 by typing in bd the defense of "whatever I want" as though questioning a ones personal application of a camera was ridiculous, and the followed up with all three bodies in one bag. It was actually really funny. Also one extra body makes fine sense two of the same is a bit odd but at these prices can be understood.

For me, the previous thread mentioned did touch a fairly sensitive topic for me as I do love using my legacy glass and my photography hobby so the seeming put down irritated me.

All that said I would probably actually enjoy hanging out with you as we clearly have at least one similar interest. So don't have hard feel Inge about it. My budgets too tight to get an extra third party battery right now anyway, so an extra body is out the window for me.

Well, and I don't mean to insult anyone, but using female shopping logic ("saving' money by buying anything that is on sale), the EOS M body is cheaper than a Canon OEM battery!

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