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Re: Stupid topic, fishing for trolls ? Nope I have been sick

seilerbird666 wrote:

The mistake people are making when they read this opinion is that since they are still using fast lenses therefore they are not obsolete.

That's a straw man. I don't think anybody made any stupid claims like that. Had you read the answers you would find out that:

1) people are using fast lenses because they do need fast lenses, because of light availability, because of DOF, and partially because they are better optically even closed down;

2) even limiting discussion to noise, modern sensors are very far from satisfactory even with fast lenses;

3) and more importantly the sensors will never be satisfactory due to fundamental limitations of the laws of physics: the noise is already to a large degree lens limited, not sensor limited, and this will be even more so in the future.

Face the facts. 99% of the people in this world that take pictures with a camera have no clue as to what a fast lens is, they don't own one and don't know how and when to use one.

I didn't realize it was a clueless discussion about clueless people, why didn't you title it appropriately, like: Clueless people don't need fast lenses.

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