Camera sales are falling and it's partially our fault.

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Re: Camera sales are falling and it's partially our fault.

meland wrote:

No doubt many of you have read the article -

Depressing reading! Of course there may be many reasons for this including the often repeated impact of smartphones and in many regions a less than buoyant economy but perhaps one of the major reasons is just us.

By us I mean the typical 'enthusiast' that lurks around forums such as these.

Given the nit picking, jargon using, back biting, photographer jacket wearing, brand defending, DxO data repeating, 100% viewing, DR criticising, armchair experts in marketing, trust me I'm an expert-ing, cat and duck photographing, bokeh examining .................. and general willy waving - why would most newcomers, especially younger people, have the slightest interest in becoming part of that rather sad image?

Meland, most of your critique regarding the negativity of some of the DPR forum members is spot on. However, it's quite polarizing. There are in fact a good amount of members here who provide great insight and advice when a question is asked. Some members are helpful, others are not. If you look around the internet, you'll notice this trend on practically every forum from dog training to, yes, photography.

I don't think the few negative members on this forum are deterring prospective camera buyers from purchasing new cameras. It just doesn't make sense. Being part of the Digital Photograhy Review forum is not a prerequisite or a prescription for photography. Now, you would be correct in saying the negative members of this forum might discourage a person interested in photography from discussing photography on the internet, or if they are young and naive, in the real world. But, not from purchasing a camera.

It's safe to say that a large part of the decline in camera sales are due to

A.) The majority of people who want a camera already have one that takes care of most of their needs.

B.) The people who want a camera, but don't have one, don't have the finances to get one. However, camera prices are for the most part affordable these days. Even a poor college student like myself can afford to buy one after a few months of saving up.

C.) The cell phone camera is sufficient for those who want to take pictures. It provides a good alternative to point and shoot cameras and DSLRs. The camera company executives have said it themselves.

The decline in camera sales are NOT due to

D.) Negative DPR members.

Meland, I'm not attempting to patronize you or anything like that. So, don't take anything I've said that way. If you disagree with anything I've said, please let's discuss it.

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Originally posted by brianj-
"As to why we come here, I have no idea, the forums are just a shadow of their old selves, in fact the Beginners Forum should be renamed into 'What camera should I buy' forum.
Anyway it keeps a lot of people off the streets and that is a good thing."
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