comparison: GX7, E-P5, NEX6, X-E1

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Re: comparison: GX7, E-P5, NEX6, X-E1

Their sizes are quite close, so much so that other things are more important, and any decision should depend on what is important to you:

- ultimate IQ - X-XE1 but poor focusing, but large and expensive lenses, some with no IS, fixed LCD, no touchscreen, no 1/8000s, not much grip.

- smallest size with a pancake zoom - NEX-6 but no touchscreen, plus big and average lenses, ordinary AF, no 1/8000 sec.

- IBIS and good AF performance - E-PL5 - but no built-in flash, and no automatic CA correction and some problems when using Panasonic lenses (purple spot, banding, rattlesnake), no 1/8000 sec.

- 5-axis IBIS and 1/8000 sec and FP - E-P5, but no built-in EVF and very expensive, no automatic CA correction and problems when using some Panasonic lens.

- best all round package with no significant flaw - GX7, not the best (but still respectable) in its IQ, IBIS and EVF, but it has many other nice features to compensate like a unique tilting EVF, plus all the other nice features like FP, 1/8000 sec, lots of lenses to use (all stabilised). The total is a lot more than the sum of its parts if you want something that can handle anything because of all the features it has inside a body that is virtually the same size as the others. That's the real beauty of this camera.

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