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Re: Stupid topic, fishing for trolls ? Nope I have been sick

david kohn wrote:

bhah blah blah

who asked for your opinion?

No on asked for my opinion and no one asked you to read my opinion. And no one asked you to so rudely comment on my opinion. If you don't like my opinion that is fine, state your case, but there is no call to be so rude. Didn't you ever learn some manners. I have been very sick for the last two days with some strange kind of flu. I am still feeling crappy right now so I will keep this short.

I see a few geniuses don't read English too well, They claimed this subject was covered in another thread recently. Well not true. There was another thread, but it claimed that fast sensors were in the process of making fast lenses obsolete. That was not the premise of this thread. What I said was that fast sensors have already made fast lenses obsolete, probably 5 to 10 years ago. The mistake people are making when they read this opinion is that since they are still using fast lenses therefore they are not obsolete. How silly. If I go buy a horse and start riding that doesn't mean that horses as everyday transportation is no longer obsolete. Of if I start using a film camera again then it suddenly is not longer obsolete.

Face the facts. 99% of the people in this world that take pictures with a camera have no clue as to what a fast lens is, they don't own one and don't know how and when to use one. That fact alone makes fast lenses obsolete because the vast majority of photographers in world get along just fine with out fast lenses.

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