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Re: XF1 photos...You Might Find The Following Great Posting At Amazon Very Helpful.........

DS21 wrote:

DS21 wrote:

Only Fuji is dumping to Costco, not others...

Definitely....only Fuji....COSTCO has a special deal only for Fuji...No other company...Definitely...

Yes, HS-30 even for $250 was on the Costco shelves forewer, such is the premium product...

Exactly. COSTCO always has large quantities available to sell. That is exactly how they can price items so low. They must have had a large quantity of the HS -30 just they have large quantities of other cameras availble and why you see the same camera models available from many different companies for quite some time at COSTCO.

That is the way COSTCO always operates so successfully.

I see that now you understand how COSTCO operates and that it is not a fire sale as you first thought.

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