Sorry to burst bubbles about GX7, but...

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Re: New sensor in GX7

Chris Noble wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

growers wrote:

You're not bursting bubbles. Just posting your negative, and at this stage purely speculative, opinions.

It's speculative based on past experience with Panasonic camera announcements. It's not random. The same people running the marketing are still running the marketing, they will continue to behave in the same way, being cheap about sourcing sensors and even thumbwheels, and making outrageous claims in press releases that don't hold up.

Of course I could be wrong, but I think there's more than a 90% chance that I will be able to point to this post in a month or two and say a big "I told you so."

Here's your less than 10% chance. Scroll down to "Significantly improved image quality".

So they say:

"Although we've not yet had a chance to run the Panasonic GX7 through our lab, we're led to understand that there have been significant improvements in image quality."

Until there are actual lab tests, it's just Panasonic marketing BS.

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