Same old battle FZ200k vs. HS50EXR (perhaps with a twist?)

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Same old battle FZ200k vs. HS50EXR (perhaps with a twist?)

Hello DP community.

I am currently in the market for a "bridge camera". I am a beginner in photography and I am not planing becoming a guru in this field. Still, when I feel my "artsy" side roaring, I like to have a good device to rely on.

I am planning to shot landscapes (both urban and natural), people, macros and black and whites. Photo light conditions will range from early morning to city lights and inside environments. I am also not planning to use the pictures I make for anything bigger than your average-sized living room wall mounted framed photo. No huge posters printings in the future, although having at least the opportunity to zoom on and cropping something when I view the pictures on the PC would be a nice add-on. Also, I am not really into software editing. Call me a purist or maybe lazy on this one... .

Until now, I probably look like one of those in search of a Swiss-army a.k.a. do it all camera. I probably do. But I am no daytime dreamer. Such thing does not exist.


So, I made up a list of criteria that are of utmost importance for me. They are, in order of importance:

1) Image IQ. I like sharp, vividly colored, clear images. I know, I know, who doesn't?

2) I really really really dig the free angle LCD types, although titled-angle ones are OK. As long as the LCD can be "moved around" in aid of the users' comfort.

3) Build quality and sturdiness. No one likes that cheap plastic feeling. It's enough we live in an over-plasticized world. At least some quality plastic once in a while... .

4) Having a panorama-shot camera is important for me.

5) Good "auto mode" results. As I said, I am a beginner at photography but I am planning to learn. BUT, the camera will be also used by "DIRECT"point and shoot people, who will not fiddle around with any settings.

6) Battery capacity.


For others that have been and/or are in my dilemma, there are only to real choices, considering the above: Panasonic Fz200K and Fuji HX50EXR.

And, before you start picking on me, I did my share of research. Shamefully, I admit I started from the snaport website, and slowly made my way to more professional environments, such as DPr, where one can get real, unselfish advice and help. I read many topics and reviews, including this and this or many pots from JOMS, Kimletkerman, or external reviews. Please do not accuse me of ignorance. Should I be guilty of that, than it is only because I am human and do not have the knowledge of this entire website omnipresent in my head.


Now, here comes the big one: which one will should one choose?

- the Panny has been showered with praises but has it passed enough time for the Fuji to really show it's pluses and limitations, and therefore it's downsizes in comparison to the Fz200? And, in regards to the previous question, will the pluses of the Fz200 really worth the extra bucks considering my needs? I do not have a fixed budget range, but why spend stupidly on something I do not really need?

- Please do not give me Flickr links. That I can also provide: VS Being no expert, I cannot use those as a "benchmark". My "critical vision" is not yet developed, nor do I know if those images were or were not software altered.

- considering the fact that the camera will be also used for occasional video shootings, is the manual zoom on the Fuji really a problem when filming with the HS50 EXR?

- I read that the EXR Processor 2 (two) on the Fuji is really no big step forward from the previous generations. Is this true in an expert's opinion?

- Please do not give me advice such as "buy them both, use them and return he one" or "go try them out at your local shop or something and see for yourself". Both ideas are out of the question. I live in a country where people earn a LOT less than in the US but (most) electronics are more expensive than there. A friend will buy the camera for me, from the US. End of story.

- I am not a zoom-avid individual. I do admit though, that it is a nice feature to have.

- I do not mind if one is heavier than the other.

- The camera will be bought by the middle of the August, the latest. Until than, I wait for your answers and (if the situation will impose it) for a price drop of the Panny, although I do think (considering what I read on this forum) that the next high-end Fz flagship will not be announced this year. Except for the FZ70K (wich presents no interest to me because it is out only in Septemeber and has a fix LCD, which I do not like), no important news.

- please do not suggest a interchangeable lens kit or similar devices. I know the advantages of (some of) those, but I decided not to carry any lenses or stuff with me.


Why with a twist? Because I am opened to any other suggestions, as long as they take into consideration all the information above.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your help! God bless!


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