What computer to easily process D800 files?

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It sounds like you're missing GPU acceleration

All the components you listed are more than fast enough to process your files. However, your laptop, like most, may not have a very powerful GPU. Since Photoshop makes very heavy use of GPU acceleration, this could be your problem.

A GPU is optimized for graphics processing. Even a $200 mid level model is literally dozens of times faster than even the latest Intel CPU in this regard. There's no real way to compensate for its loss (if that's your problem). Unfortunately, fast GPUs are also very power hungry and puts out lots of heat, so not many lap tops have them built in and, as far as I know, one can't easily upgrade either.

Bottom line: I'm afraid you need to either buy a desktop PC with a good GPU or buy a bulky laptop with a good GPU.

Other than that if a fast GPU still doesn't fix your speed issues I'm not sure what else could be wrong. Could be something about the software setup on your computer.

Oh, and by "fast GPU" I mean a stand alone GPU in the $250 range.  Anything more is overkill for what you need.  I recommend something like Geforce GTX660 or the equivalent ATI card.

I'd stick with the Intel i7.  On balance the desktop model is the best processor you can get.

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