What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: What computer to easily process D800 files?

hajagosb wrote:

At the moment, I'm using an almost two years old Dell XPS laptop with SSD drive, 16GB RAM and i7 processor running Windows 8. It should be fast.

I'm doing heavy retouching often, 2-4 GB layered Photoshop files and sometimes for events processing a lot of files in Lightroom. And my computer feels kind of slow for both.

What do you have, where it's really fast in response? What should i focus on choosing a new computer, more memory, or faster processor? I'm going for a desktop now.

The question is, how heavily do you multitask? Adobe CS6 is a threaded program that benefits in using more cores or processor threads and RAM. Photoshop CS6 also uses OpenCL GPU acceleration and having a dedicated video card to do that does help in rendering.

What you would need is processor that has a lot of cores, at least 16gb of RAM, a videocard that has excellent GPGPU function and AMD comes to mind.

AMD FX8350 processor, at least 8gb (16gb hopefully) of quality DDR3 1866 RAM, a 128gb OCZ Vector SSD and at least an AMD HD7850 videocard.

Intel sucks w/ heavy multitasking and the current lineup of Nvidia's videocard (except the US$1000 GTX Titan and some Pro GPU) GPGPU lags behind AMD (actually it sucks).


That is a video I made for a local computer enthusiast website. I use an overclocked i5-3570k, 8gb DDR3 1600 GSkill RAM and a 2g HD7850 by Sapphire. Compared to my friend's (who uses a D800 by the way) FX8150, same RAM and an older and slower HD6950 (if I remember). In paper and various review sites, my setup should be vastly superior (I even use a lower resolution monitor), well it is w/ 1 heavy task but it does suck with that kind of work load. I know, I used to have an AMD setup. Well I made that video before to visually explain the advantages of AMD on the site, which was mainly for gaming which is plagued by fan boys.

Another friend of mine who also owns an expensive i7-3930k setup and an FX8350 agreed that for those kinds of task, even that very expensive processor is lagging behind is FX8350.

BTW the same generation of an i7 processor for laptops is not the same and as fast vs the ones for desktop.

Hope this helps.

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