Strange water formation in long exposure

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Water drop?

WilbaW wrote:

dr jim wrote:

Clearly there are no fishermen in this group or you'd have figured this out a long time ago. Two possibilities.

First, anyone who has spent much time fishing in small creeks like this (and I have) has seen a small branch caught in water flow, whether it be a little fall like this or a strong current. Commonly, a vibration is set up in the branch that could easily achieve the frequency seen here. Could be light flashing off a wet leaf or even ripples caused by the vibrating branch.

The second and most likely, is s shiny fishing lure that has snagged and broken off in the stream and is caught in the water flow. Fishing lures are specifically designed to vibrate and flash as they move through the water. (or in this case as the water moves past them). The flashing attracts the fish. There is a whole category of lures called flashers. Most of these lures are polished chrome and if it were in the blown out water at the bottom of the falls, it would never show on the image.

The problem I have with these "flasher theories" (as they will be known from now on ), is that the water drop appears to have left no image between the flashes. I would expect to see at least a faint trail along the entire arc of the drop's travel.

I would not expect to see a faint trail as I do not believe a single water drop can be seen at that distance.

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