Is the Panasonic GX7 a Sony NEX7 killer?

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Re: Is the Panasonic GX7 a Sony NEX7 killer?

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The effective diameter within each of the lenses will change based on the sensor it is being used for.

A 50mm f/1.8 lens on a FF camera if simply mounted to a m43 camera would suddenly become a 100mm f/3.6 based on the effective diameter needed due to the FF sensor.

My point is, that a f/1.8 lens specifically designed for a m43 sensor mounted to a m43 sensor camera will let in the same amount of light as a f/1.8 lens specifically designed for a APS-C sensor mounted to a APS-C sensor camera.

If you are disagreeing with this, please go ahead and enlighten me by showing me why I am wrong. Don't simply say "go do research" because to me I see that as "well that's not what I read on the internet, so you go figure it out on your own".

Look, I own BOTH an NEX-7 and an OM-D.

I have taken thousands of pictures with both cameras and I will say this:

I have shot similar scenes with both cameras at same apertures, iso's and speeds to compare how they function.

When I did that in my living room under decent light with both cameras........
My NEX-7 with kit lens at ISO 200, F5.6, gave me a shutter speed of about 1/40, when my OM-D with the kit 12-50 at F5.6, ISO 200, was giving me a shutter speed in the 1/20 range. Both cameras were next to each other and focused on the same exact subject.

I do not care what you say or what numbers you throw out me....the larger the sensor, the more depth of field and the more light it brings in.

An F1.8 M43 lens gives you the equivalence of about F2.2-F2.4 in APS-C, due to the smaller sensor.

I don't know why we keep having these same arguments about relative aperture size.

Yes, APS-C does have smaller depth of field at same aperture value BUT

the light gathering ability is the same.

A 2.8 lens on both formats gathers the same light (just as fast) - does not have the same depth of field.

I'd wager that we keep having these discussions because people keep saying wrong things (or misusing terms?).

An APS-C lens at f/2.8 illuminates a larger area with the same intensity compared a m43 lens at f/2.8. Therefore the APS-C lens gathers more light because it is shining more light.  Speed boosters leverage this fact by concentrating a larger dimmer image into a smaller brighter one.  If all lenses regardless of format "gather the same light" as you say then it would be impossible for speed boosters to work (where are they collecting the extra light from?).

"Fastness" isn't the same as light gathering.  In simple terms of "speed", yes, aperture doesn't change across format, but that's only because smaller formats can't handle as much light as larger ones.  Therefore they properly expose with less gathered/total light (and thus more noise) giving the illusion that gathered light doesn't change between formats.

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