When is a tripod redundant?

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Re: Tripods are so first-half 2013

Tony Beach wrote:

This is a joke, right? I guess you are unaware of mirror slap as an issue; or you are just saying "get the job done" means adequate to your own requirements, because with higher pixel densities and a desire to get all of what those pixel densities offer you are going to need to use MLU at fairly slow shutter speeds.

Rick Knepper wrote:

Photoshop CC and Camera Shake Reduction can get the job done.

De Michael wrote:

Question says it all. At what point is a tripod redundant?

Let's say, if using a 24-70mm 2.8 at 70mm it is obvious that you need to use a tripod with 1/2 second exposure.

But at what point would a tripod be useless?

125th second? 250th second? 500th second? 1000th second.

Just curious as to others thoughts.

So, Tony.  Do you think mirror slap is really an issue when shooting at 1000th of a sec?  Curious here.

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