What is your "other" compact camera?

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Sigma DP2 Merrill

Sigma DP2 Merrill is an APS-C Foveon sensor based camera with a fixed 30mm f/2.8 (45mm FF equivalent) lens. It is an idiosyncratic camera in many ways. The Foveon is a one-pixel-counts-all-RGB camera, ~15MP. For landscape shooting and panoramas, it produces really sharp and subtly colored images. It can do daytime "street" photography, fashion, still life very well. It is a disaster at action photos, mostly due to the slow card write and small buffer limiting number of burst shots. It does well at ISO 100 to 400, gets noisy above 400 but still usable as monochrome. Excellent monochrome conversion. Sigma Photo Pro software is clunky and slow but gets the job done. You can do your color balance and very basic adjustments in SPP, convert to TIFF, export into Lightroom or Photoshop or other more sophisticated software for additional work. Leaf shutter - silent, does limit shutter speed at f/2.8. LCD screen subpar but usable - barely. Controls excellent. Batteries are lousy, Sigma knows this, they provide two batteries with each camera. I don't run and gun with this camera, so I am not too troubled by battery situation, but I would get more than 2 batteries, particularly if you are working in cold weather. RAW files are ginormous, ~60 MB.

I have kitted out mine in a custom-fit L bracket and an optional optical viewfinder. The very high image quality cries out for tripod use and panoramas to get the most out of it. One aggravating thing - no remote shutter release. The tripod shots are done on 10 sec delay. People compare the image quality to D800E - the camera punches well above its APS-C compact class.

It is a great hiking camera. I shoot differently with it, am more deliberative.

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