First XF1 photos

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Re: First XF1 photos

Wellington100 wrote:

What I have noticed like you is that the airplane window bunchs the histogram like you say, takes away contrast, messes with the color, adds glare and who knows what else, so yes I do quite a lot to each of the airplane window images to try to get back some punch. I doubt that the images are technically accurate anymore. I do it all by eye in iPhoto. I trust my eyes more than the numbers and the graphs and these days I have an idea of how i want the image to end up looking because I have done so many by eye with iPhoto now.

I don't trust my eyes so much any more -- not because of my eyes, but because my computer monitor isn't very good. I knew my home monitor wasn't great, but I didn't realize just how bad it was until I later saw the pics on a high-quality TV (via Flickr app for Roku or hooking the camera up directly).

You may have a much better monitor than I, though.

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