No black GX7 in US?

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Re: Silver WAS an issue for GX1 - GX7 looks ok though

zenit_b wrote:

alan brown wrote:

... the US will only get the silver GX7


On the GX1 the silver finish made the camera less functional because in bright sunlight its very hard to see the white button labels against the chrome finish - this example from web sort of shows it ...

Looking at the photos of the silver finish GX7 though it has black labels not white ones so its probably a non issue...

I got the silver model GX1 because (at the time) it was offered much cheaper in the UK. Incidentally my kids think it looks great and my daughter said it was the only one of my cameras she would be seen with ... so maybe its a youth/fashion thing .. ???

Well, I wouldn't know about the youth/fashion thing anymore....

It's not that I think the silver/black version is ugly, far from it.  I just think someone at Panasonic made a stupid decision that could cost US dealers sales and deny US customers a choice that everyone else in the world gets to make.  Personally I would buy the black one over the silver one, obviously others would choose the opposite.

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