Sorry to burst bubbles about GX7, but...

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Is that as negative as you can possibly be?

No one knows what sensor is in the GX7. Panny has been reported to have been working with Fuji, who definitely has a touch with sensors.

Reminds me of when the OMD was first announced. The naysayers were carping on about another hand me down Panasonic sensor. They were silenced, very quickly. Crow doesn't taste so bad, once you eat enough of it.

The IS system is likely the same one that Oly used prior to the 5 axis electromagnetic IBIS, especially as any IS system on M43 has to be attached to the very effective Olympus SSWF dust remover. Oly's 2 axis IBIS is okay, but not fantastic. Any form of IBIS in a body that small is appreciated - they tend to be less stable, due to lower mass alone. The 'mini rangefinders' from Sony, Nikon, Canon and Samsung don't have IBIS at all.

The GX7 is the first 'mini rangefinder' M43 body with a built in EVF, something that is sorely needed.  Not a revolutionary design, but very much appreciated. And it flips up, something the NEX7 EVF does not do - that's nice.

Hey, what's this? A MF/AF switch? No menu diving to change focus modes? What a radical idea. I sure wish the OMD had that.

The GX7 is probably not the camera for me, but if you're into that design, the GX7 is a very good one, and markedly superior to its predecessor.

No bubble to burst. It's a very good product.

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