Sorry to burst bubbles about GX7, but...

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Re: Sorry to burst bubbles about GX7, but...

Bob Meyer wrote:

Your Oly bias is so blatant it's hilarious!

sigala1 wrote:

amvrvd wrote:

I am saying that people shouldn't assume "wow, IBIS, that's AWESOME!!!" I really hope the IBIS is awesome, but I won't believe it until it's thoroughly vetted.

No, you pretty much said it's crap, reaching a conclusion without any facts. Something you seem to do quite well.

3. I don't know, I mean, they've improved they manufacturing quality all across the board, from lenses to bodies, the G5 is a lot different from the G6, the GH2 from the GH3, the GF5 from GF6 and even their new kit lens is tougher. I also haven't read or heard any of the early reviewers complain about the built quality nor the wheels in any specific manner, in fact they've praised it.

Panasonic has shown a history of cheapness when it comes to manufacturing. The kit lens (now discontinued) is the cheapest feeling lens I ever used in the history of interchangeable lens cameras. The thumbwheel on the GF2 and G5 both suck... I assume that Panasonic has sourced a massive supply the cheapest thumbwheels in China, and they are not going to spend money on any better ones.

Panasonic has good electronics and software, but Olympus pays much better attention to how their stuff looks and feels.

This is hilarious. The Oly 14-42 kit lens is the only one I've seen literally fall into two pieces. The thumbwheels on my family's G2, G3, GH2 and GH3 work fine. Maybe the problem is your thumb? I've had zero mechanical issues on any of my Panasonic bodies, include the very well used (by appearances) used G2 I bought a couple of years ago, and which is now being converted for IR use.

I'm advising people that even if the GX7 performs as advertised, you will save a lot of money with just a few months of patience given Panasonic's history of setting list prices for their cameras that's out of line with reality. (In contrast, Olympus was much more successful with the list price of the E-M5, becuase a year and a half later it's still selling for pretty much the same price.)

I'd suggest the reason prices on the OM-D haven't dropped is that Oly has been unable to get a replacement out the door. Something Panasonic does regularly. I'm not sure that paying the introductory price for a two year old design is necessarily something to brag about. Oh, and used OM-D prices have plummeted. You can barely unload one for $600 any more. Used GH2s are selling for as much or more than used OM-Ds.

Hey Bob I'm willing to defend the GX7 as much as you but do you really have to bring this debate down to the old and tired Pany vs Oly fanboyism BS ? seriously, this has nothing to do with brands or fanboys, much less when we consider the similarities of this PANY GX7 with current Olympus, and even less so when you realise that this is a shared system and can be both an Oly and Pany user at the same time, so please stop spreading that attitude. There are no better brands, there're only better cameras and better photographers. Just Chill.

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