What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: Basics....

I agree with a lot of what was said below,

RomanJohnston wrote:

First...thanks for the decent response. No snarky comments...etc.

always keep it civil, forums are tough in general as no emotion is conveyed and things get taken the wrong way some times

Now on to the original content of the OP...

OP said Dell laptop...SSD drive, 16 gb of ram and i7 chip on a laptop. Yes...faster can be had, but it sounds like the machine he has is rather capable. (this is what led me to the reload of the OS. Two years of using your computer can really clog things up....being in IT you know exactly what I mean.)

I agree, what he has "should" be more than enough, and if he really is suffering from performance issues then he probably has something else going on software wise. I was simply recommending what would be the best desktop type of computer to to build if he was in the market for on which is what it sounded like by his post.

My findings....8-16GB of ram is quite good. Yes. you can get more and it IS cheap. No biggy....have no problems with such a recommendation. He already has 16gb as stated in his OP...and I would bet you a nickle to a doughnut that his ram is maxed out for his current laptop mo-bo.

yeah I always recommend more ram than not, its too cheap now not to. I would always want to error on the side of too much than not enough, even someone does put more than they really need right now in their rig, they will most certainly grow into it, with each passing year more and more ram intensive programs and utilities are running. lol ah I remember the "good old days" when 16mb or 32mb or ram was considered blazing fast, now were discussing GB's lol.  Also I agree he prob maxed out his laptop ram quota on his motherboard, also his laptop ram probably runs at a slower speed than a desktop equivalent but never the less it should be enough for what hes doing unless he literally has like a 50 layer pano or something lol

He has an SSD drive (I currently am running two of them..one for the OS and one for my Photoshop Cache) and they are wikid fast...leads me to again...saying his original hardware is up to the task.

that they are, night and day over traditional magnetic platter disks. If anyone is looking to give their pc's a kick in the pants, upgrading from disks to ssd's will significantly increase general performance. (as will adding a decent video card if you are running a computer without one)

Video cards - Unless your editing video or 3D....most current cards over $200.00 are not going to give you a good return on your money. Find the most cuda cores for the money and have at it. My cheapie Quadro 600 card will even do 3D cad fairly well....and its only $150.00 (probably cheaper now).(I am guessing he doesn't have much of an option for this on his laptop)

I concur, a solid 2gb ddr5 graphics card is more than sufficient (they can be hand around and below that $200 price point, the one I am running I think is only about $140-150) you don't really need more unless you are a heavy gamer and want to run at max resolution and graphics, or and or heavy video editor, and or heavy autocad / 3d graphical designer.

i7 is not necessary unless your crunching hard numbers like 3D cad or video ...both witch the OP did not mention. I have found little value between the i3 and the i5 in my benchmarking...with the real leap found to the i7 when needed. So for 2D work that doesn't tax the processor...I find the i3 actually faster than most would believe.

I love my i7, yes 80% of the time you wont benefit from the extra raw computing power, but sometimes you will. You just have to decide if that extra cpu power is worth $400-700 to you (difference in price between i3-i7's) Major thing going for i7's though besides the extra cores over i3's, is also the ton of extra L2 and L3 cache. If you can afford the i7, I would recommend it in a heart beat, if you need to save a few bones, the lower processors will always suffice.

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