What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: Basics....

First...thanks for the decent response. No snarky comments...etc.

Now on to the original content of the OP...

OP said Dell laptop...SSD drive, 16 gb of ram and i7 chip on a laptop. Yes...faster can be had, but it sounds like the machine he has is rather capable. (this is what led me to the reload of the OS. Two years of using your computer can really clog things up....being in IT you know exactly what I mean.)

My findings....8-16GB of ram is quite good. Yes. you can get more and it IS cheap. No biggy....have no problems with such a recommendation. He already has 16gb as stated in his OP...and I would bet you a nickle to a doughnut that his ram is maxed out for his current laptop mo-bo.

He has an SSD drive (I currently am running two of them..one for the OS and one for my Photoshop Cache) and they are wikid fast...leads me to again...saying his original hardware is up to the task.

Video cards - Unless your editing video or 3D....most current cards over $200.00 are not going to give you a good return on your money. Find the most cuda cores for the money and have at it. My cheapie Quadro 600 card will even do 3D cad fairly well....and its only $150.00 (probably cheaper now).(I am guessing he doesn't have much of an option for this on his laptop)

i7 is not necessary unless your crunching hard numbers like 3D cad or video ...both witch the OP did not mention. I have found little value between the i3 and the i5 in my benchmarking...with the real leap found to the i7 when needed. So for 2D work that doesn't tax the processor...I find the i3 actually faster than most would believe.

To all those out there who are having fits over my recommendations....make your own recommendations.

I benchmark Civil Cad 3D, Bentley Microstation, ArcGIS 2 and 3D as well as Photoshop on a regular basis. I am not just benchmarking for Office users like some here have suggested.


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