Canon's Digic 4 vs Digic 5 processors

Started Aug 2, 2013 | Questions thread
base_nine Regular Member • Posts: 189
Re: Canon's Digic 4 vs Digic 5 processors

I know the Digic 5 is newer and supposed to be better, but when I compared images from my niece's 650D/T4i vs. my 60D, I really could not see a difference.

I saw this video on Youtube and if you don't want to watch the whole thing, fast-forward to about the 4:00 minute mark.

I would suggest that how the camera feels in your hands; where the buttons and dials are; how easy it is to operate may be a bigger factor than which processor is in the camera.  And if you shoot in RAW, then the Digic processor may not even be a factor.

On the other hand, I'm sure there are photographers who push the camera's envelope and need the Digic 5 processor - I am not one of them.

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