comparison: GX7, E-P5, NEX6, X-E1

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Re: comparison: GX7, E-P5, NEX6, X-E1

Sean Nelson wrote:

amvrvd wrote:

I wonder where are the hordes of nitpickers, naysayers and just plain DSLR lovers that told me time and again that such a camera would end up being X-Pro 1 sized, HA ! 3 years saying the same mantra and now they're quiet.

Do you thing perhaps it's possible that the technology to do this has advanced in those last three years...?

The technology didn't need to advance for three years to make this possible just now, this was possible a long time ago, since the X100, Oly just didn't (and still doesn't) want to do it. I didn't start that debate out of thin air, I did it because the technology was already available at the time. People argued that it wasn't physically possible because they're fixated with the idea that only DSLR-shaped cameras can have viewfinders. Even when presented with facts, schematics and actual cameras like the Nex 6&7 they still argued this was impossible for m4/3, just because they didn't like the idea (even though the existence of a camera such as the GX7 doesn't affect them in the least). People were actually arguing against built-in EVFs like the GX7's just a couple of weeks before its announcement. This wasn't a matter of technological advancement, that debate was settled the moment Sony and Fuji released their CSC's with EVF, this was a matter of people being too stubborn to accept change and diversity, they were arguing just for the purpose of being contrarian, I posted schematics and measurements showing how you could remove the OMD's useless hump and achieve something like the GX7 and people still argued that such a sacrilege would yield a X Pro 1 sized monstrosity.

They were proven wrong with the X100, then with the Nex 7, then the 6 now m4/3 finally has its own RF-styled camera with EVF and they're as silent, no more arguments, no more 6 page threads trying to sell the same BS argument that an EVF wouldn't fit inside an body like the E-P series. All I wanted was to make a point in favor of diversity and now m4/3 users finally have the choice of all sorts of camera bodies, if we need EVFs we're no longer limited to faux-DSLRs or costly add-ons, we can choose now. Thanks to the GX7 m4/3s not only has the widest lens catalog, we also have the most diverse body catalog, from faux-DSLR to P&S replacements, and now faux RFs. There's every kind of camera for any kind of user, that's the big milestone here, something the naysayers were not willing to see.

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