When is a tripod redundant?

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Re: Tripods are so first-half 2013

This is a joke, right? I guess you are unaware of mirror slap as an issue; or you are just saying "get the job done" means adequate to your own requirements, because with higher pixel densities and a desire to get all of what those pixel densities offer you are going to need to use MLU at fairly slow shutter speeds.

Rick Knepper wrote:

Photoshop CC and Camera Shake Reduction can get the job done.

De Michael wrote:

Question says it all. At what point is a tripod redundant?

Let's say, if using a 24-70mm 2.8 at 70mm it is obvious that you need to use a tripod with 1/2 second exposure.

But at what point would a tripod be useless?

125th second? 250th second? 500th second? 1000th second.

Just curious as to others thoughts.

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