The 3Ms and how they travel

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Re: How ironic

Dames01 wrote:

Mr Grinch wrote:

EvokeEmotion wrote:

If I came across as making fun of people pimping out their Ms, I apologize. Didn't mean it like that.

I am sure I am getting laughed at for having 3 Ms. What can I say?

It may not be minimalist, but it sure is cool!

I bought a total of Three M's also, but two were given as gifts.

I don't see what is cool about carrying three cameras in a bag which is much too big for them so that in the end the user moves the one camera he wants to use into another smaller bag...

The cameras barely fit into the bag, except that there's some spare height, but I'm not about to pack my camera gear like sardines, with lenses rubbing against bodies, etc.

I don't see what's wrong with how I move and use my gear. I bring multiple bodies and lenses to the hotel/motel I'm staying in, then depending on whether I'm hiking up a mountain or going to dinner in town, I take just one body/lens appropriate for the occasion and put it in a smaller bag and travel lighter.

Sounds like you'd bring your entire backpack of two pro bodies and 5 L lenses to the steakhouse for dinner. Maybe that's your definition of cool.

Cool! When the battery dies, would you also just change camera -- or struggle with inserting those buttery small batteries that can slip through your fingers?

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