Camera sales are falling and it's partially our fault.

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Re: Camera sales are falling and it's partially our fault.

In the past, cameras only sold in quantities because it was the most viable option for capturing images. Now, capture devices abound, and most aren't "one-trick ponies". If one is on the retail side of the equation, camera sales are nose-diving, therefore accessory sales are dismal (no camera sale, no lens sale, no gadget bag sale, no tripod sale, no filter sale, and so on). With digital, printing took a huge kick in the nads. No prints? Don't need an album or a frame either. Thankfully printing from devices other than cameras in on a huge upswing, for me, at least. Between online print ordering via website, in-store kiosks which accept phone and tablet input, and our iPhone printing app, we're in a pretty good place.

As an aside, our 35mm film processing has been revived lately. It's a combo of some of the younger folks "discovering" film and film cameras for the first time, and the competitors all seem to be shutting down their film processors, thanks to lack of volume. We're here scooping all the rolls in our geographic area. I'm doing a happy dance at the moment.

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