What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: Basics....

yeah, I have a feeling there are ALOT of people both in the IT and Photography fields, they seems to blend well and have a lot of cross overs for those types of people, me being 1 of them. And yes I am directly responsible for testing, benchmarking, building, etc IT needs as my primary source of income.

with that being said 8gb is far to low for a "premium photo editing rig", especially in todays standards. 3 years ago, 8gb would have been great, now thats bare minimum IMO, I would rather see someone go with 16 or 32gb. and yes it does get used, multiple times personally I have had my photoshop use up 20-32gb of my ram (I have 32 in my rig currently), Large raw file's multiple layers, panos, stitching etc eats up ram faster than the cookie monster with cookies. And i'm talking strictly trying to edit large raw files from cameras like d800 or similar and other photo needs, not your every day "I need to run microsoft word or excel computer" lol, those types of users would only need a Maximum of 8gb for low key applications like that, but once you get into heavy photo, video, or autocad type applications, ram goes quick... real quick.

On top of which ram is DIRT CHEAP now, you can get 32gb of good ram for what $250 now, vs the $60 for 8gb of ram. IMO the extra $175-200 is a small price to pay to be set on ram for the foreseeable future, as well as guarantee you wont be held back by lack of ram on large multi layered and or pano shots. As it is building this type of rig is going to run you prob $1500-2000, so the extra 10% cost to ensure proper ram is worth it. Compare it to lenses since were in a photography forum, if you were deciding between 2 lenses, but one was significantly better, and had more growth potential for the future, but only cost 10% or $175-200 more most people would go for the better lens. Why because its better for them in the long run, why is a PC any different, why skimp on something that is going to be used on ALL PHOTOS you ever take, it will directly effect your editing and time. It would be a different story if we were talking about a $1000 difference or something but were not, were talking roughly 8-10% of the overall build.  and if you went with 16gb instead, thats only about $100 or so, so your talking only a couple % more in cost vs going with 8gb.

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