What computer to easily process D800 files?

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RomanJohnston wrote:

IT for broke people? How about not spending money when it is not needed? Or are you in the habit of spending money when it is not needed. I am about the numbers...pure and simple. Get as much done with as small an expenditure as possible. Usually a mandate with ANY IT shop. Show me a business that wants ANY of its money to be spent without a reason or benefit and I will show you a business that is on its way to not being a business.

I own DSLR camera equipment. Everyone who does is in the habit of spending money when it is not needed. My computer build from 2 years ago has 12 gigs. I'm not really interested in going BACKWARDS with your recommendations of 8 gigs. This is 2013, the minimum now is 16, and the recommended is 32, and I'm going for 64.

Not everyone does. I JUST finally broke down and got a D800....and only because of the extra pixels for my monster prints for my customers. No one said go backwards...I said 8 gigs is the sweet spot and my benchmarking is proof of that. If you have 16 gigs...by all means...keep it. No one is mandating ANYTHING to you....so you need to chill out. If you want to waste your money on 32 gigs....have at it. Currently I dont know of a MoBo or Processer that will handle 64...so good luck with that.

When I purchased my D800e, I post-processed the same way I always did; but I could tell a discernible difference in computer handling speed. So even with my 12Gig system with a GTX 580, plenty of HDD space, on a nice mobo, and I still could tell the difference easily.

NO ONE needs to be in IT to realize that D800 files are immense and just adding a few layers then applying a filter would cause the progress bar to come up and stay up way longer than before the D800e.

I dont ned to be in IT...I just AM and have a ton of experiencing benchmarking for exactly this kind of work....your really defensive....do you do this social interaction thingy much?

And when I get my new computer setup, my computer will process files faster again. You have to keep up with technology, not lag behind it. And I like to step ahead of the curve. My current computer is 2 years old, but it's still better than what most people are buying; and I can see a discernible difference in post-processing speed between a 36MP camera and a 16MP camera.


I just know for most consumers processing D800 files....an i3 chip. 8-16 gb of ram and a reasonable video card....( I like the Quadro cards that are designed and have custom drivers designed to interact with Adobe Products) My Quadro 600 does very well for regular editing.

Now that I am starting to play with video ...that might change though...but again...we are talking about editing photos here.

Oh...and some of you here (not just you) should lay off the coffee. Your all wrapped a little tighter than normal...were just having a conversation folks.

Yall are acting like I just took your favorite toy away from you.


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