What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: Basics....

RomanJohnston wrote:

IT for broke people? How about not spending money when it is not needed? Or are you in the habit of spending money when it is not needed. I am about the numbers...pure and simple. Get as much done with as small an expenditure as possible. Usually a mandate with ANY IT shop. Show me a business that wants ANY of its money to be spent without a reason or benefit and I will show you a business that is on its way to not being a business.

I own DSLR camera equipment. Everyone who does is in the habit of spending money when it is not needed. My computer build from 2 years ago has 12 gigs. I'm not really interested in going BACKWARDS with your recommendations of 8 gigs. This is 2013, the minimum now is 16, and the recommended is 32, and I'm going for 64.

When I purchased my D800e, I post-processed the same way I always did; but I could tell a discernible difference in computer handling speed. So even with my 12Gig system with a GTX 580, plenty of HDD space, on a nice mobo, and I still could tell the difference easily.

NO ONE needs to be in IT to realize that D800 files are immense and just adding a few layers then applying a filter would cause the progress bar to come up and stay up way longer than before the D800e.

And when I get my new computer setup, my computer will process files faster again. You have to keep up with technology, not lag behind it. And I like to step ahead of the curve. My current computer is 2 years old, but it's still better than what most people are buying; and I can see a discernible difference in post-processing speed between a 36MP camera and a 16MP camera.

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