Sorry to burst bubbles about GX7, but...

Started Aug 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
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The main contention...

is doubtful. Why Panny couldn't put a sensor at least as good as the GH3, given the price?

I do hope that the price will plummet in a few months but that is a double edged sword.

If as it seems the sensor is in the GH3 class and the ergos are as good as they seem why shouldn't it keep its price?

After all it's a matter of offer and demand.

The only trouble I see ahead is if a GX9 comes later with 4 stops IBIS, or if Oly comes out with a RF-like model. In a poll the E-F5 is completely crushed by the new camera despite the plus of the 5-axis IBIS.


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