Olympus cameras take sharper photos than Panasonic's

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Re: Olympus cameras take sharper photos than Panasonic's

micksh6 wrote:

DxO finally tested m4/3 lenses on E-M5 and GH3. All m4/3 lens scores have increased now, mostly because of E-M5. Panasonic cameras seem to have stronger AA filters (at least until GX7 appears).

Now m4/3 lens scores are closer to larger format lens scores on 16MP body. And apparently, Panasonic users don't even know how sharp m4/3 lenses are, even Panasonic lenses are sharper on Olympus

That is expected, as Panasonic uses a stronger anti-aliasing filter than Olympus.  The point of the filter is to blur the image a little to eliminate the problems related to converting a continuous analog scene to a pixelated digital one.

It's become somewhat obsolete with higher resolution sensors and better fill factors (thanks to micro lenses).  Panasonic is apparently leaving it out from the GX7 so that should provide as much or more detail than the Olympus cameras.

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