Camera sales are falling and it's partially our fault.

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Re: Camera sales are falling and it's partially our fault.

pavi1 wrote:

Camera sales are falling because once you have one that meets you needs, you don't buy another one till the one you have breaks.

Yeah, I hadn't really considered this, but I think this might be a big factor that's coinciding with the whole cell phone craze - as in people who might have considered upgrading from a p&s to a DSLR now never want to give up the convenience of a cell phone camera.  (Cell phones are blamed for shrinking p&s sales, but they might be impacting entry level DSLR kits, too, to a small extent).

Anyway, we've passed the point where upgrading is important to IQ/capability for most people.  Your 1, 2, 3 year old camera might not be as good as the latest, but it's mature enough that there's less reason to spend money on an upgrade then there was in the past.  And sales were growing while prices were dropping, but entry level kits have been in the $500-650 range for a few years now, so there probably is less of a backlog of people waiting for prices to drop.

I doubt it has anything whatsoever to do with forum infighting.

- Dennis

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