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Re: Small huh

jeffharris wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

Depends on what both systems have.

I need longer lenses and both NEX and m4/3 miss out in that area, so I use legacy lenses. The lens sizes don't change no matter what camera they are on, so NEX is about as small as I can get within reasons for the body size. If you need native lenses, well the size difference is there, but not by a lot when you add in the body size.

If you are into small lenses then both systems have them. Its not exactly double the size though

Bingo in the lens department!

I use a bunch of adapted manual lenses that simply are not available for M4/3 or NEX. The fact that, with the appropriate adaptors, my lenses are platform agnostic, gives me the freedom to use pretty much any mirrorless camera body I choose, simply by purchasing a few inexpensive lens adaptors.

BTW, the GX7 grip looks great to me. The NEX grips I've tried strike me as a bit too wide, while being a bit too close to the body. The grips on the Oly and Fuji bodies are a bit like non-skid plates rather than solid, ergonomic grips.

It remains to be seen how the offset lens to viewfinder configuration handles and how well it works for close-up and macro shooting. I've tried the NEX cameras a few times and find it quite awkward. It reminds me of the dark days of shooting with rangefinder film cameras (Konica II, Konica Auto S2).

How does the NEX viewfinder offset work for you doing macro shooting, Danny?

Grips don't tend to worry me much Jeff with what we both use. Most of the weight is in the lenses and the camera tends to be just a guide with a button. I guess I must use the grip, never thought about it Jeff. Hmm, thinking about it, if I had to pick the best grip it would be the old G2 mate, but with the 500mm its more about the weight and control of the lens.

The 800mm gets dumped on the tripod so that's different again.

The EVF on the left hand side you mean Jeff ?. I'm a strange one and so the guys next to me say with both eyes open, I find that helps with the quick timing needed and that also lets me see anything coming into a perch from the left hand side, so I do shoot with my right eye at the EVF.

If I was a left eyed shooter, that might well be awkward Jeff. In fact it would be, I don't like to think about that to be honest mate I see what you mean. Right eyed shooter, no problem and I find it better than I did with the SLR's in the centre.

BTW, I've been thinking of adding a Nikkor 400 ED F/3.5 AI along the way. Canon never really made a decent 400mm which was corrected in any way. Have to save up for it though.

All the best Jeff and the GX7 does look good mate. If the sensor is a good one, it's interesting and 1/8000 I could use for sure, adjustable focus peaking, could be a good one for you Jeff  


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