What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: Basics....

I'm kinda with Roman on this one. There has been this fear that the D800 requires a rack of server blades to process files, that has gotten a bit out of hand. I've got pretty deep experience in the IT/Software field as well, and I'm managing quite fine with a 3+ year old ASUS running 9gig of RAM and a mid line i7 processor. Now, if I were running a event or wedding biz and needed faster processing, sure, upgrading to the latest and getting SSD drives and a faster video card would make sense, but for my general purpose studio and landscape work, I'm fine.

On the topic of backups, I take a proactive approach: I *expect* all hard drives to fail; always a matter of when, not "if". All images are stored on externals and backed up to portables. Any image I have is in at least three places: the primary external and a pair of portable drives. In cases where I deem the images important, they go on a 3rd portable drive to the safe deposit box. I don't fully trust the cloud, and the bandwidth neccessary to take an entire shoot of D800E NEF files to the cloud is beyond my capabilities or desires. Since I expect drives to fail, I replace all externals on a 2 year basis whether they need to or not; so there is always an ongoing drive rotation going on. Disk space is frankly CHEAP compared to the tens of thousands spent on the cameras and particularly the high end lenses (which is why I just don't get why anyone would get a D600 over the superior 800 because they are scared of the file sizes...)

At some point I might consider a RAID 10 based system, but at this time the cost/benefit ratio isn't making sense for me. So at the end of the day I tend to agree with Roman; one doesn't have to go to the very latest, prettiest, trendy computer to process D800 files. I think it depends on how much volume one is expecting to process more than anything else.

But there are many ways to skin a cat.


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