Camera sales are falling and it's partially our fault.

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Re: Most people do not know DPR exists

D Cox wrote:

Dave Lively wrote:

When most people buy a camera they ask friends, look at reviews online or go to a store. They know better than to go to a forum where anyone can post anything. They want to be able to take images that are good enough for their purposes and there is no way they are going to spend hours going through the forums.

Images being "good enough" hurts more than compacts. I have some friends with 5-8 year old SLRs with the kit lens and maybe a fast prime and/or long zoom. The only one thinking of upgrading is the one whose camera has a broken flash which would cost a lot of money to have fixed. She bought the camera because she wanted a camera fast enough to take good photos of her dogs playing, with a lens long enough to take wildlife pictures and be able to take decent pictures indoors. Her 8 year old Canon Rebel did all of that just fine until the flash broke. There was a big surge of new buyers when DSLRs first became affordable but it is over. Camera makers are going to have a hard time convincing current DSLRs owners to upgrade when their current camera does everything they want it to. That leaves them with a much smaller first time buyer market and a small group of enthusiasts.

Also the adverts for the camera said it was practically perfect and would do everything you could possibly want.

So why buy a new one ?

You're right.

Cameras are so good these days that the only time you need a new one is when the one you have either breaks down/wears out or is stolen.

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