comparison: GX7, E-P5, NEX6, X-E1

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Re: Small huh

I will show my ignorance on such matters here no doubt, but anyway:

Is it not possible to do collapsible longer zooms? I know that zooms normally means lower IQ than primes and its likely that collapsible zooms means the same vs zooms. But for the amateur/novice/upgrader from p&s i could see such lenses (if they are possible) being very popular.
I'm not overly bothered by weight, but i dislike size as i often don't carry a bag.
You've got the pany collapsible which does equiv 90mm, the collapsible NEX which does equiv 75 equiv. Even the 14-42 oly kit collapses down when not in use (which is good as that is when you want it small)

Manip16 wrote:

bryanchicken wrote:

The 5 series is even smaller. Not much from the top/bottom view but check out the front/back views!
No EVF though which saves space, or pop-up flash.

I'm all about smaller size and weight, but I won't give up too much in terms of utility and ergonomics. That's the nice thing about both the NEX 6 and 7 and the m43 E-P5, G5/5, et al, is that it is a "no compromise" smaller size and weight. Still great ergonomics, internal flashes are in most cameras, and an EVF.

I think I would have jumped ship to the NEX already, but m43 just has too good of a lens selection, and due to physics an m43 lens will always be lighter than a NEX lens. APS-C just means more surface area to cover, which means more glass, and you cannot get around that fact.

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