What computer to easily process D800 files?

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You are not the only person in IT, and we do benchmarking in our company as well. At the end of the day we can both state our opinion and let the OP decide for themselves.

Telling anyone in 2013 to run 8GB of RAM is just silly in my opinion. Memory is so cheap and every new OS and app that comes along uses more memory than the version before. I consider 16GB the minimum today for photo editing. You can get by fine with 8GB but why limit it when you can double it for peanuts? I too have a D800 and this is based on my own personal experience not random speculation.

Also, if you are an experienced IT tech I would expect you to recommend a better backup strategy than a simple external hard drive. That simply protects you from a drive failure in your computer, but unless you have multiple external drives and swap take them off-site, or combine it with some type of cloud solution you don't have much security for any issues such as fire, flood, theft, etc.

I keep my backup drives in my house, in a fire-safe. There's no way in hell I'm trusting *ANY* of my files to a company with their vague cloud references while I wait for their server farms to get breached by some hacker bent on showing how smart he is and how vulnerable we are. Um, no.

I totally agree. Myself I have a Drobo in house and a drive I keep an outside location (work) that I bring home weekly and update with my RAW files. Don't trust the cloud....AND if I have no access to the internet I am also screwed. But the OP never asked about backup...just performance needed and reccomendations.

The rest of what you say is spot on. That guy might be in IT for broke people, but anyone who enjoys post-processing won't be happy with a limited setup when it's really not that much more for more.

IT for broke people? How about not spending money when it is not needed? Or are you in the habit of spending money when it is not needed. I am about the numbers...pure and simple. Get as much done with as small an expenditure as possible. Usually a mandate with ANY IT shop. Show me a business that wants ANY of its money to be spent without a reason or benefit and I will show you a business that is on its way to not being a business.  

I am not in the business to catering to peoples egos. Everybody thinks they need the greatest and best....and the newest. Especially in America where we are "trained" to be consumers. I benchmark and make recommendations based on that. Not interested in what is "ooooh...shiny" just interested in "what gets the job done" with the least amount of money spent. I know its an unpopular option when "ooooh shiny" rules. 


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