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Re: Why do you need so many cameras?

MrScorpio wrote:

Maybe because he, like me, is a male equipped with a reptile brain always whispering updateupdateupdateupdateupdateupdate

Kevin Sutton wrote:

Just wondering why you need so many cameras? I have 2 - an Olympus E-5 and some lenses when I am being "serious" and a Fuji X-10 for casual shots/family outings.

I really don't see why people need/want so many cameras.....

Cheers Kevin

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Yeah! I got that "Reptile brain" but it doesn't really whisper "Update, Update".. It whispers "youneedanewSUVyouneedanewSUVyouneedanewSUVyouneedanewSUV" both of our SUVs have 350,000 Plus on them, and one isn't running well.

If I had "gear lust" I would have just gone and bought a K5 and a couple of lenses when the 620s got long in the tooth... But I didn't...

I just kept pluggin' along with the E-620s.

There was nothing to replace them with unless I changed brands, which meant buying lenses, which meant lots of money, unless I went with Canon, for which I have some lenses. I didn't want to do that.

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