First XF1 photos

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Re: First XF1 photos

Wellington100 wrote:

Stopping over at Hong Kong airport, I spotted a Fuji XF1 promotion and I could not resist another el cheapo Fuji bargain. This is a fantastic camera to play with but the sharpness in not there in my first set of images. Is it me or is it the camera, time will tell.

Here are my first snaps taken on the trip from Hong Kong to London in the usual adverse airline seat conditions.

Great set!  I especially like the highlight effect of the shot over the West End.

Did you post-process those pictures at all? My experience with shots through airplane windows is that out of the camera, they tend to look like they have been passed through both high pass and low pass filters, histograms bunched into steep shouldered peaks in the middle of the spectrum. Your photos, though, exhibit a wide range of hues (in addition to admirable detail). Good work.

In the flight from Hong Kong to London, how quickly does the flight path take you to polar latitudes?  Is the majority of the flight over Russia?

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