How to get a Yongnuo RF-603C and Panasonic G3 to work together

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Re: How to get a Yongnuo RF-603C and Panasonic G3 to work together

Hello all,

I'd like to add a little bit of sometthing :

(First, many thanks for the detailled informations, I've successfully modded my RF603 to work with my OMD EM5...)

If you'd like to use the remote shutter release function of the RF603, you just have to modify the included cable (the one with a mini jack). I could have bought just the 12pin USB connector, but the tip of my soldering iron is too thick...

I ended buying a cheap 3rd party wired shutter release to salvage the end cable ! This one :

I first tested it before cutting the cable : it worked with my OMD. I've cut the cable, found the sames wires in both cables, connected everything... but the half-press position was tripping the shutter. Almost there !

I just had to invert the two corresponding wires (red on yellow and vice-versa), and VOILA ! everything works perfectly. I got the half-press focusing, and full press triggering the shutter. No screen black-out like some reported or anyting of the sort.

I highly recommend to try it, it's not very complicated and it adds a new possibilty to your arsenal...

Best 30 € + 10 € invested !


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