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Sounds like FF

amalric wrote:

tko wrote:

Wasn't this explained before? There is no such thing as a fast sensor. There are sensors which may be better by 1/3 to 1/2 stop or so - say 30% better. There are lenses which are better by 800% - 3 stops or more.

You seem to ignore the basic facts.

Fact one:

A difference of *2* stops between old and new sensor.

Fact two:

Oly rates its new 5 axis IBIS four stops

Fact three:

DPR rated the increase of sensitivity of the E-M5 two stops.

So all together from one model to the other we had an increase in performance between 6 and five stops.

That is the reason - for me - why a lot of slower apertures became 'good enough'. No lens could give you additional 6 stops from a moderate aperture.

Additionally Lensrentals Cicala found that the star lens of m4/3 the PL25/1.4 had about half definition at 1.4, compared to 2.8, which is close to one Sigma 2.8 lens.

These are facts to which you are opposing mere guesses, or obfuscations. Not nice.


LOL, its like you are describing a FF sensor

So the so called IBIS add ...... stops. What the heck are stops !! IBIS is a waste of time if you don't need it, so you add that to the equation of ahhhhh stops.

So in that case, how may stops do you give to a camera on a tripod or using faster shutter speeds .... 1000 - 10,0000 stops better than IBIS ??

All the best.


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