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I would love love love if Fuji had a FF mirrorless in their stable of cameras. I would drop my X-E1 and snag that immediately. It doesn't seem like it will happen any time soon though.

All these complaints about how it would mean bigger cameras, bigger lenses etc etc are kind of silly. Leica cameras, who Fuji certainly seems at least a little inspired by, are very very close in size to the Fuji X cameras. In fact the Xpro is possibly even a little bit larger in certain(but not all) dimensions. Leica lenses are tiny with huge resolving power, but they lack AF so Fuji's would be bigger, but I don't think Fuji going FF will dramatically increase it's size. The Sony RX is also really quite small with a FF sensor and a nice AF Zeiss lens on the front and go look at images from that camera.

If you don't want the cost of the FF fuji and are happy with apc that's fine definitely stick with it and don't buy a FF mirrorless set up, but I think once Fuji is done filling out their apc lens line up the next natural progression would be the 2nd gen interchangeable cameras and perhaps a 1st gen FF fixed focal length camera like the x100.

I think whoever is out of the gate first with a FF mirrorless is in a very good position to run away with the lead in the mirrorless market.  Sony has proven that they can cram a high quality FF sensor into a compact body so size isn't really much of an issue and sony has excellent focus peaking. It could mean that all those folks waiting around for their $7000 Leica M 240 cameras that are taking forever to be made may take a look at sony since the sony CMOS sensor could be comparable to the new leica sensor and probably cost about half the cost of the Leica. They get tired of waiting and maybe pick up a Sony...they like it...they stick with it and just use their Leica glass on the Sony. Leica digital shooters are a pretty small minority, but Leica film shooters are another story. There's a lot of them and they have Leica lenses, but have been priced out of Leica's digital offerings...in walks the Sony Nex FF or Fuji FF for that matter.

Not to mention all those DSLR users out there that are tired of the big heavy gear, but don't want to lose the high IQ that comes with FF. Say you have a Nikon D700, but didn't want a D600 because of build and the oil thing(which mine doesn't have after 15k acuations) or a D800 because of file size considerations(which is why I didn't want one). A 24 MP Sony FF nex camera may be a good option to look into if you don't need super fast AF.

I'm sorry as much as I like my Fuji as a carry everywhere camera the IQ isn't up to snuff with my D600, but I enjoy shooting with the Fuji much more than the D600 that I can overlook that for most things. I also like that I don't have to worry so much about the Fuji due to its cost and its discreet size. Anything remotely professional I use the Nikon because when it comes down to it when someone is paying me I need the reliability of fast AF, improved ISO performance, the pop that is more difficult to achieve with apc, and basically I need options.

I wish I could do what I do with my Nikon with a mirrorless camera, but they're not quite there yet.

That being said I do really like my Fuji. I love using all sorts of legacy lenses with it, I love its size and look, I love the ergonomics especially with a half case for a little extra grip, I love the dials and aperture rings, and I love its build quality. I like its IQ, but I'm not absolutely 100% in love with it all the time. The thing is I have fun with my Fuji and that's important. I don't necessarily always have fun with my Nikon, but I usually do with my Fuji.

ALL that being said...I hope Fuji isn't too late to the game with FF mirrorless because I would love to use their FF camera and not someone else. I hate the look and ergonomics of Sony cameras...I think they are pretty ugly and awkward to hold and would much much much rather use a Fuji FF, but if it comes down to it and Sony are the only interchangeable FF mirrorless in town I may have to give them a look. I know I keep mentioning Sony, but most signs seem to point to them announcing a FF interchangeable mirrorless soonish whereas Fuji doesn't seem to be quite ready yet.

Geez what a ramble

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