What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: Basics....

I am a technician by trade and I am responsible for benchmarking PC's and handling hardware requests that come in. Researching the customers need. One of our benchmarks is Photoshop AND I own a D800. I think I have a handle on what I just told this person. I do this for a living day in day out.

I have an old 4x Phenom II 905e (the power saving processer) with 8 GB of ram and a simple Quadro 600 video card running 64bit Windows 7. That is probably less than this person has in his laptop in question...and I have zero problem running D800 files including multi layer 6 and 7 stitch panos.


PhotoKaz wrote:

RomanJohnston wrote:

Your current computer sounds (hardware wise) more than enough to do the job.

i7 is a bit of overkill unless your editing videos.


i7 is faster, so it you want better performance get a better CPU. You get what you pay for, no overkill here.

16gb of ram is overkill. (8 gigs is the sweet spot)

I disagree here. If you start working with D800 files in PS, add a few layers or create panoramas you need memory. RAM is cheap, I would say 16GB is the absolute minimum these days.

I would back up all your stuff you have on your computer on an external drive

Unless you automate the backup to the drive and take the drive off-site, this is not a good backup strategy. I posted a better strategy here: http://photokaz.com/2012/06/home-computer-backup-strategy/

I would then perform a restore for the Operating System I rebuild my system every 6 months or so.

Why? This is not necessary.

Buying a hard driver for backup is a lot cheaper.

And ineffective unless managed correctly, which no one ever does.

I think you might be surprised.


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