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Re: Whose ignorance?

amalric wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

IBIS cannot stop subject movement - so bad argument

Only in your mind. IBIS helps in most cases

IBIS only helps stop user shake when the shutter speeds are slower then the 1/FL*2 (*2 for m43rds)

In most cases suggests over 50% of your photography are at shutter speeds slower than 1/600th sec assuming you own the longest first party lens for the m43rds system. Now if you only own a slow 14-42 lens then over 50% of yours photos would have to be under 1/84th sec.

1/84th sec is too slow to stop most action, even 1/600th sec is too slow to stop plenty of action. Also i suggest you don't consider using flash to freeze motion as an argument as that would negate the need for IBIS too!

So, given that we can assume (perhaps not correctly) that you use shutter speeds under 1/100th sec a lot then you must be shooting still scenes, in such scenes a cell phone camera would probably work. oh wait you're singing the praises of high ISO, this means still scenes in low light, either that or long exposures at night with deliberate subject blur. Sorry but all that is just a small segment of photography and there is a hell of a lot more out there that can be photographed better at faster shutter speeds where no IBIS is necessary.

I have a camera with IBIS, and i use its feature a lot, but I also shoot plenty of subjects where if i were at a shutter speed requiring IBIS the photo would be ruined regardless as the subject moves too fast for that shutter speed even at bright F1.4 apertures. This isn't to say i don't also use F8, F11 and F16 also for different circumstances.

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