The 3Ms and how they travel

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Re: How ironic

you are obviously more successfully than I, so I won't laugh too long. Also, I never raised the minimalist point. I am just saying this is not minimalist, and the investment might have been better spent on one of several options at that price point.

I have said it before , but will say it again. I bought this for four main reasons.


flange distance (price of good glass)

22mm f2 lens

hot shoe.

I can do so much more with these features than anything else I can afford. Show me a bigger camera with all of that, I will drop the m in a heartbeat.

I am not minimalist,most of the time I shoot I bring my Zeiss 35mm 2.4 ,fdn 100mm f2 the 50mm 1.4, speedlight 199a, but this 22mm f2 is much better than any 200-300 dollar legacy glass, or anything else comparable in price on other systems.

I got m0y old lenses super cheap, the flash for free, and am beginning to get some very good photos now. The minimalistmoption is just an added bonus mostly for my wife.

I care about quality first, which requires good glass, hunting for deals, and usually manual focus. I do think you could have got a better deal, but it would be close, and would probably be a bit more yet, but not much and have had some more tangible benefits than saving lens changing time... but you must have enough bank it really doesn't matter. And really, you still got a great deal, the extra cameras is a bit silly though


unless you have multiple shooters?

Quite a few on this forum have all 3 M lenses. Some bought 2 M bodies. All I have here are two extra bodies costing me $240. Does that mean I'm rich? Not at all.

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