The 3Ms and how they travel

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Re: How ironic

I am sorry, but this is not minimalist. For all the money spent here, other options would have offered very valuable advantages. Its kind of cool, but not minimalist.

So what is minimalist? Each person owning one body and a superzoom, that's all?

I have a grand total of 5 bodies and 8 lenses, but I never travel with all of them. Usually just 1 body and 1 or 2 lenses at one time when out shooting. I may bring 2 bodies and 3 lenses to the hotel though. The only reason I have 3 bodies and 3 lenses here is that they are small enough to allow me to do so.

The point of the M, as mentioned in the pimping thread, was for a compact system. Yet, you're carrying a loaf of bread around because changing lenses isn't easy enough. Since you pick and choose the body at your hotel room, and not on location, is there really that much pressure to change/fumble a lens?

Now all I need to see the travel photog who only carries a pelican case with 3 5ds, and a 70-200, 40, and 17-40.

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