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Digital Shutterbug wrote:

In another thread you made fun of people pimping out their M's, and stating that you prefer the minimalist approach of the M. Yet, you are toting around three bodies, each with its own lens, for a total camera/lens weight of more than 3 lbs. (50.4 oz.). But wait, I forgot. With that 3 pounds of gear, you can cover the astounding focal range of 11-55mm. And only in ambient light, because you don't have a flash in the bag. Any Rebel, and many higher models, would at least have a built-in flash, usable for fill purposes. Yeah, this is a minimalist approach for sure.


First of all, I didn't make fun of anyone. I wondered aloud why people add all kinds of accessories to the M, making a small camera much bigger and wondered if it's better off to just get a 100D/SL1. Some agree with me, others don't. That's all in good fun but maybe your feeling's hurt, I don't know what's your deal.

You'll notice I don't add anything to each of my individual cameras. This is my entire M system that I can carry with me to my travel destination. While there, I have smaller, individual bags that I put just one or two of them in, and travel lighter.

You are right, I don't have flash. My two other cameras are the 5D and the 5D2. They don't have flash either. That's the way I like it. I may not use flash, but I use any combinations of tripod, high ISO and IS to get the pictures I want.

I prefer to shoot wide. Mostly landscapes, mostly with tripod, mostly at f/8 or smaller. That's why 55mm is plenty long enough for me. When I'm hiking up a mountain, all I need is my M+11-22. When I'm having dinner outside, all I bring is my M+22. I pick and choose which of the 3 Ms I take with me at any one time. This is my minimalist approach.

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